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Navi And Joy Akahitoha by absolgirl97
Navi And Joy Akahitoha
I drew this with pen and markers, I hope you like it cause I like how it came out ovo/
theses are mai fakealoid OCs and inspiered by the song akahitoha sung by luka
welp that's all

~art supplies

   Let Them Fall

The cries of war rings in the little town of Velder. The sky crimson red, Fire spread within the town, the villagers running for their lives and buildings and stands falling apart. The Demons invaded the poor village, and the only ones that are left to defend the town is the El Search Gang and the Red knights. The battled roared for a while, each side giving their all to achieve victory of this battle and near the end the tide had turned and the El Search party topped. Elesis, the red haired knight and the leader of the red knights, slash all the demons in front of her, her graceful and fierce movements struck fear on her enemies. “Sword of judgment!” With one mighty slash she finished the last demon in her way, leaving it cry in pain and agony. She looked around and it seemed that her team members are also finished, they all gathered and clearly exhausted after the battle, some more wounded than others. “Good work guys!” Elesis sent her team a smile, everyone smiled back but then Elsword, her little brother face became pale and he cried out

   “Sis! Watch out!” Elesis turn behind her to have a spear ready to slash her in pieces, struck in shock and had no time to react elesis was glued to where she stood, then thud! Elesis was thrown to the side and she heard another thud, she quickly looks back to be horrified on what she saw. Elsword laid motionless on where Elesis was, he took the attack for her. She ran to her brothers side and filled with rage she finished off the demon with Sword of judgement.

   “Elsword! You idiot! Why did you do that!? Answer me!” Tears flooded her vision as she shook her brother and the only answer he gave her was a small smile before the smile faded and fell unconscious. “Elsword! No!” Elesis sat holding her brother close to her screaming in despair.

   Three weeks had past when the event happen and Elsword finally woke up. Aisha the magician was his doctor and Add, the gangs crazy inventor is assisting Aisha. Elesis who had not even left her brother sat across of him, gazing down her feet. Elsword took notice and sent his sister a smile and said with a teasing tone “come on sis, i'm fine see! You don't need to worry about be so much you worry rat!”

   “How can i not worry!? I'm your big sister, i need to protect you!”  Elesis protested and Aisha interrupted her

   “Your his sis and you know how stubborn this guy is, a slash like that won't ever stop him. I mean this is eldork where talking about, he'll be fine!” She Gave elesis a reassuring smile and add chimed in

   “Yeah, but this slash will take a while to heal, he would definitely be left with a scar for life.”

   “Add!” Aisha yelled at add

   “What? I'm just telling her the truth!”

   “I know, but right now is not the right time! She already felt bad as is, dont need to make her feel any worse!” Aisha and Add continued their argument as Elesis looked at them with despair and whispered to herself.

   “This is my fault...i brought this upon him...i.” With that she took off without anyone noticing, but one person did, he watch her go with a worried expression.

   Elesis is walking out of town gazing down on her feet “If i can't protect my brother...i” she shrunk to the ground hugging her knees close as a flashback played in her mind

   “You still have a long way Elsword, but you're definitely improving.” Elesis came over to Elsword on their training grounds in ruban, their home town.

   “Just look Elesis, once i become strong and be stronger than you, i will protect you and everyone who is important to me!” With that elesis punch her brother playfully on the head

   “I'm older, leave the protecting to me! Just focus on your training!” Elsword made a pouting face

   “I can protect myself!” Elesis laughed at her brother expression. Elsword’s stomach gave a loud growl and he blushed in embarrassment. She sighed

   “Come on let's make dinner.” Elesis walked to their home and little elsword followed his sister.

   “I promise to protect you...but instead...i failed.” Tears started to fill her eyes again “i'm sorry...i'm sorry! I failed… i'm sorry!” Tears flooded her eyes, sadness filled her heart.

“Elesis? Are you crying?” Elesis instantly stood up to see Ciel, the tall man who is a servant of lu, the queen demons. His long blue tair tied to the side and look at her with eyes full of concerned. She stood up quickly and acted like nothing happen and avoided contact with him.

“What do you want demon? Is there something you need?”

“Elesis i am a ‘half’ demon and i saw you walked out. I was worried so i came after you.” Ciel took a step closer to her.

Elesis hesitated before answering “It's nothing you need to worry about, it's not your business anyway.” She addressed coldly.

“It's about your brother isn't it?” It seem as Ciel read her mind. Elesis looked away not know how to answer, Ciel gave her a small smile

“I know that feeling.” With Ciel's confession made Elesis looked back at Ciel as he continued.

“Lu is like a little sibling to me, despite not being blood related. I was her to be happy, i want her to be safe and i want to support her in her goals. You're the same was with elsword. But it's completely ok to let them take a fall, they only become stronger that way after you can't protect you all the time you know.” Elesis couldn't turn her eyes away from him as he continued

“During the battle, Lu was brutally beaten but she insisted that i don't interfer, being her servant i couldn't go against her wishes so i stood their as she took on the enemy herself.” She put his hand on her shoulder “let it all out elesis, you're always welcome to vent on me.”

Elesis couldn't take it anymore, she buried her face into his shoulder cling to him as she cried and let her feelings all out. Ciel wrapped his arms around her stroking her back staying silent as he listens to elesis’s every word.

After a few minutes she realized what what situation she was in her face turned bright red and put a little distance between them “i'm sorry! I didn't realize! I must be a bother to you!” Before she said any future ciel interrupted

“You're not a bother, everyone needs someone to vent to, so don't worry about it.”

Elesis averted her gaze “how can i ever repay you?” Ciel gave her a big smile

“Treat me as a friend, thats all i wish for.” Elesis stared at ciel and nodded

“Alright, i'm sorry for being so cold to you and Lu for a while. I really am a shame.” She glaze down and ciel ruffled her hair

“It's alright! You know, you really are cute!” Her face turned red and protested

“I'm not cute!” And made a childish pouting face. Once ciel finishing laughing he offered her his hand

“Come on let's return home, everyone would be worried.” Elesis nodded and shyly took his hand. The sun was setting as they ran home together.

Let Them Fall
here is another elsword fanfiction I wrote, this time the main charater is Elesis!
Elsword had fallen before elesis eyes, remembering the promise to protect him she is filled with dispare. Will anyone be there to support her when she needs a shoulder to cry on?
I hope you enjoy ovo/
please don't steal



“Geez Ara, you're like a wild animal like this! If you keep this up, no one would like to marry you!” Ran, a tall, handsome, black haired boy scolded his little sister; Ara, her long black hair tangled in a mess with mud and twigs. She made a pouting face and wined

   “I don't care if anyone would marry me or not! As long as I have you, father and mother,I'll be fine!” That cause Ara to get her hair ruffled even more by her brother

   “But we want you to get married Ara!” Ara looked up at her brother confused and asked

   “Really? Why?” Ran paused a moment and thought to himself for an answer, after a while he spoke from his heart

   “Well think of it as a accomplishment. You can be a pain in the butt most of the time, but it is a privilege on caring for you, you know. It's like planting a flower, you plant it as a seed and you see it grow, soon it became a strong beautiful flower, it's gives off a good feeling because you helped it grow. If you know what i mean.” Ran scratched his head awkwardly. Ara stared at her brother at a moment, smiled and declared.

   “OK! I promise I'll work hard and make you all proud of me! And i'll get married, but you have to be there too!” Ran was surprised with her declaration

   “Why do I have to be there?”

   “Because you help me grow right! So you have to see whom I become!” Rans eyes soften and petted his sister's head

   “Right, that's a promise.” Both siblings smiled each other. Hand in hand the two siblings walked home to be welcomed by their mothers homemade Dongos.

   Ara who is now 35, looked out her window recalling her memories of her adventure. Ara now is far more mature now and not to mention she has become stronger then she was back then. She doesn't live with her family anymore since her family and friends got murdered by a daemon raid, lead by her own brother Ran, who was consumed by evil power. She had Join the El Search Party, a group who punish evil and retrieve the important EL that keeps the world in balance. With the adventures she had, she met her second family and also her beloved lover as well who is the Prince of hamel, Chung. Her and the El Search Party had helped villagers, made friends and fought Nasods, Demons, Trocks and much more. They had encountered Ran throughout their adventures and Ara couldn't save her brother from the evil that consumes him, which broke her heart. Therefore she had to fight against her brother against her own wishes, even if Ran had murdered innocent lives and destroyed Hamel, Chung's home land, but deep down in her heart Ran was still the brother she admired and loved. Leaving their enemies behind and peace had returned to all of Elios, their was no need for the El Search Party and thus they disbanded, going their separate ways. Of course they keep in touch with each other, and some live with each other and later got married, like Rena and Raven. Ara held her hand up in the air, her gold engagement ring sparkled in the sunlight. Tomorrow will be the big day, she is going to get married to her fiance, Chung. A smile spread across her face remembering how shy and hesitant chung was when he proposed to her the other night on the beach of hamel.

   “Mother, Father, Ran i'm finally getting married. Aren’t you proud of the woman I become?” She softly whispered to herself with a happy but lonely smile.

   The sky was clear and the Oceans sparkle in the sunlight. The yellow sand of hamel is decorated with white, red and gold wedding decorations. A white carpet leading the bride to a cute white gate, that has a two white veils tied neatly with a golden ribbon with a red rose in the middle. Stands of golden ribbons and red roses stand next to the carpet, and white seats with white silk on it is neatly organizes outside of the stands. On the right of the gate is a white pearl Grand Piano with golden lining and on the right is the wedding cake, golden ribbons and red roses worked in harmony with the white frosting. Everyone, including members of the El Search Party chatter happily among themselves waiting for the wedding to start. Once the wedding was to start soon, everyone took their seat, while Eve went to the piano and started to play the wedding song, her fingers gracefully swept through the keys like magic. Chung stood in front of the gate trying to look professional as possible, but is clearly nervous. Ara walked up the aisle with chung's father, Helputt. Ara’s dress was sleeveless with a golden ribbon on the rim of the dress, and a golden ribbon around her waist area decorated by a golden rose and the bottom part of the dress draped elegantly down, her veil on her head was held on by a golden crown. Soon she had reach Chung who took her from his father's hands and stood in front of one of the El Priests, Sasha who will be the pope for the wedding. As Sasha goes on stating her speech she couldn't help but notice chung being nervous, Ara gave him a reassuring smile and he smiled back. She Looked back at the others and everyone one of them giving them a happy smile cheering the two on, but she couldn't help notice a presence behind a tree.

   “Chung.will you accept Ara as your loving  wife and will be with her in all  circumstances?” Sasha asked

   “I do.” Sasha turned to ara

   “Ara, will you accept Chung as your humble husband and will be with him in all circumstances?”

   “I do.”

   “Now may I address you as husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!” Excited cheers and claps broke out from the crowd. Chung’s blue eyes stared as Ara with a serious expression and lean in to kiss her lightly.

Confetti was shot at the newly weds, Chung took Ara’s hands and walked down the aisle. Everyone gathered around the couple graduating them. The guys nudging Chung and teasing him while the girls cheerfully chattered. Elsword, the red head leader of the El Search Party smirked at Chung and said with a teasing tone “ You finally did it bud! Took ya long enough! Congratulations!”

   “Glad you got the courage to finally do it Chung!” Ciel, a tall white haired half demon slapped Chung on the back.

   “Now you gotta look forward to the future huh.” Add, his hair neatly tied to a ponytail, went over to give his congrats.

   “Im sure they will be fine.” Raven, the black haired swordsman added with a smile.

   Aisha the purple magician held aras hands excitedly “I'm so happy for you!”

   “Yeah I hope your future is bright.” Lu, the queen of the demon, smiled

   “Chungs one lucky guy I gotta say! But if he hurts you tell me!” Elesis, Elsword big sister gave Ara a pat on the back.

   “You two make the perfect pair!” Rena, the green haired elf giggled.

   “Congratulations Ara.” Eve, the Queen of Nasods, clap.

   “Thank you everyone!” Ara grin. As the girls chattered away, a tall unknown man with a black cloak made his way to Ara, his face hidden. The girls stopped talking when they noticed him, eyeing him as he stood tall in front of Ara. This was the presence Ara felt and without warning he put his hand on her head, ruffling her hair with his big hands, he whispered in a low voice that only Ara can hear.

   “Im proud of you.” After that the Man walked away without saying anything else. By that time everyone took notice of him and saw him off. The girls chatted among themselve on this mystery man and Chung ran over to Ara, clearly concerned.

   “Is everything ok? Who was he? Did he hurt you?” Ara faced him with tears in her eyes and smiled.

“Looked like he haven't forgot about everything, after all he kept our promise.” Tears fell down her cheeks, and with that Chung knew what was going on, he pulled her into a embrace and Ara cried on his shoulder, the tears of pure happiness.

I wrote a fanfiction on elsword. and the main charater is ara
Ara and Ran had promised something in their past, but would they keep it till the end?
thank you for reading and advice will be very nice!
please do not steal or edit this


elswordWTFmoments1 by absolgirl97
how does one have 2 active charaters in the same account QQ


ara hann by absolgirl97
ara hann
i drew SD in photo shop 
so yup
~KOG, elsword
hiya peps, I need help on deciding again  XD
I made a elesis and I cant decide what to evolve her into
I like grand master but I also love using special/magical attacks which blazing heart spesalize in
so please help me decide  QuQ
all the info you need:…


my character:
elesis: SosSakura
Aisha: Quyenie
eve: Kashami
ara: XoKikomi
add: Indict97
ill put the other in later  XD



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