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AG and Cameron were like any other lovly dove couple, they would defend each other, be there for each other, have mini fight's, and alway's make up at the end, but little do they know, that there's going to get seperated. one man,zero, who is the son of ellina's preident, liked AG, and alway's had an eye out for her. one day, he found out, AG has a boyfriend, and worst let her boyfriend was cameron, his cosion. with zero's greed of power and love, he decided to spreed a rumor, which is a lie, that cameron was part of a mruder. one day later, AG and cameron was resting next to each other, AG spoke
AG" camy"
cameron open one eye"hmm, what is it?"
AG" we havent kissed let right?"
camron opend both his eye's and blushed" n-no, we dident, all we did is kissed on the cheek or the forhead"
AG"we've been together for 5 year's, you wanna kiss, cuase i wounder what it's like to be kissed"
cameron blushed even more and scrach his head" umm,sure, if you want too."
AG smiled
cameron went close to her face, and AG closed her eye's ready for the kissed, they were almost kissing, till a loud voice interubed them, both AG and cameron looked where the voice came from, and right there they see zero. suddenly they were riped apart with no warning, AG was pined down be 2 men, and cameron was taken by 3 men, and in the middle of them zero stold, smirking. cameron yelled"what is the meaning of this?! zero!?!!
AG yelled"camy!!" zero smirked and said" you took part of a muder, you killed a little girl~"
cameron" i would never do that, and you know it!! what the h*ck!!"
AG knew it wasent true and protested" no he dident!! he was with me when the thing happed, he was right there with me when that got on news!!!!"
zero ignored there protest and commanded" men! put him ion prison!!
both cameron and AG was shocked, and called each other's name, zero ignored there wimping, crying, and calling. minet's later cameron waas gone, AG was crying on the floor "c-camy,camy,camy!!
zero went to her and picked her up"my lov-" *smack*
AG smacked him across the face, which made him fall and yelled"HOW COULD YOU!? I LOVED HIM, H-HE WAS EVERYTHING!! NOW YOU RIP US APART!! I-I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!! I HATE YOU!!"AG ran away to her house, and lock her self in her room and cried all her tears out. a week passed and AG is still in her room, not getting out at all, mia passerd her to come out, but AG refused, mia tryed everything but nothing worked. slowly AG went insane, she stared to throwh stuff around the room, she started crying as well. mia quickly called the prison to bring cameron. they did, cameron started to hug AG"my love, please calm down"
AG knew it wasent cameron and punched him" your the idiot zero, who spilt me and camy apart" she's slowly walk to her opened window and laughed" if you come close, i'll fall of the window and commit scuide" zero backed way shocked. with no warning AG fell out the window, she almost hit the ground,till a quick flash came,and saved her, it was cameron, the real one, but cut and wronded. AG opened her eye's and spoke weekly"cammy, i missed you" she huged him
cameron" i couldent live without seeing you, i missed you too, now dont cry, im here now" AG cried even thouh she had nomore tear's to cry out.
soon, they took cameron into prison again, and AG in the hosiptol. the docter said"she's going to be fine, if cameron dident come on time to save her, she could of suffered a brain injusy." mia sighed in relif. a year later AG decied to move, she said she's going to train, but mia know's the real reason. then another year cameron came out of prison incent, the second he came out, he ran stright to mia's house to ask for AG. mia told him she moved. and sence then he went and look all over for her.

backgound and mouth pice, not mine.

GlacedWolfDemon Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You used the nam I gave 8D *proud* and cute/sad story :c
absolgirl97 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
yes i did 8D. yeah, damn zero!!
GlacedWolfDemon Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
=.= Yea...
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